System cleaner 2


- System cleaner 2 is a small app that integrates your updated applications in your Rom,
replacing old, obsolete application files with new ones,
and frees up some space on your internal storage.

On all devices:
- Clean app cache (app cache is usually a good thing, but when accumulated too much, it slows your device and then is time to wipe it)

On rooted devices:
FIRST: make a nandroid backup!!!
This is important, so do not blame me, if something goes wrong,
and you have not made a backup.

- Integrate updates
- Clear dalvik-cache
- Clear app cache
- Odex system apps (THIS IS EXPERIMENTAL- and if the app does not work, then you will need manually restore the original and permissions found in "odexBackup" folder!!!

Let the application search for updated files.
When integrating, application force closes are normal
If there are no updated apps, you can always try to reboot with wiping dalvik-cache to free some space. If after reboot you have FORCE CLOSE, or the applications does not work
there is an RESTORE option, first try this, if the restore does not help, then restore the nandroid backup you made first. 

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